Charles A. Warner

I am a Gen-X’er, who grew up in the New York City neighborhood of LeFrak City, Corona. During my childhood, I was not athletic at all. Instead, this latch-key kid watched so many game shows and comedies while growing up. In watching all that television, I got fascinated with some commercials. I started to think about what provokes people to make such productions. I realized that the purpose of a commercial is to resonate in people’s mind to hopefully influence them to make that purchase at the critical time. After I have been through some experiences that tested my resolve, I decided to look up the definition of my name, Charles (“strong”) Warner (“warrior”). That is when I realized why I still stand despite my previous pitfalls.

Between 8 years in the U.S. Navy, 5 years in hotels and the remaining years in various other fields of work, my adult life includes a vast amount of time of being the "translator in the room". That is why I chose to get into advertising. To explain a product to the client’s audience to influence them to make the commitment is something I find very intriguing. That is why I feel obliged to help clients explain their businesses to their customer base.

My current goal is to be a User Experience (UX) Designer, the person who influences you to stay on the website. In my most recent internship at Blank Slate Factory, I tested the Mobile Design of to find your grievances before you do.